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Getting the Most From Your Website

It is amazing to those who use the internet on a regular or semi-regular basis to discover that there are still businesses on the face of the earth that have no online presence. And we’re referring to the businesses here that cannot be found by searching on a tablet or Smartphone, or whose websites are languishing on 5th or 6th page in local search listings.

There are several reasons for such results, but the two most important reasons can be cited as

  • Lack of search engine optimization.
  • Failure to include mobile optimization for tablets and smartphones.

Beyond these there are other factors that involve the likes of content on your website, your connection to social media and how you utilize your website for your business’ best interest.

Who Needs a Website?

In short, anyone with a business of any size today needs a website that can be accessed from desktops, smartphones, laptops and tablets at the click of an icon. Even those who don’t sell products and services online need a properly optimized website. Optimizing websites of all sizes is what we do best.

What is SEO and Why is it Important?

Put as simply as possible, SEO – Search engine optimization, are the sum of techniques used to inform search engine spiders -or “algorithm bots”- about the contents of your website. With this information, the bots then compare your information to all the other websites with similar products, services, photos, videos and documents, to determine your place in the list or index.

When a user enters matching words to your site information, all sites with those words will pop into the users screen. Those that make it to the top three pages have the most relevant, up-to-date information related to the words. And those landing in the last 2000 pages have the least content matching the words.

Another form of searching includes entering words plus a town or code for your area. This allows the user to search for a local business in their neighborhood. Most often than not, these users will call or visit the business rather than subscribe for products or services online.

Even with narrowing the field that much, unless a site is optimized, the search engines will not know its there or that the services are offered.

Mobile Optimization Is a Must

Did you know that…

  • More than 1.2 Billion smartphone and tablet owners use gadgets to access the web every day.
  • Mobile devices account for more than 15% of the total traffic on the web.
  • 61% of customers prefer doing business with companies offering good mobile device access.

Ask any webmaster or internet marketing agency and they will tell you that without mobile optimization this year, your business will suffer more than you can imagine.

Having the right type of mobile optimization is equally as important.

There are several ways to optimize your site for mobile devices. But, in order to make sure your site is visible when a user clicks you link in an email and when they click a web app on their smartphone or find your business scrolling a search engine on their tablet, optimization must be simplified.

We can optimize your entire site to meet the specifications for smartphones, tablets and laptops without confusing search engine spiders, as they crawl your site.

Search Engines Index Differently

The top three search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo, have their own peculiar methods of listing [indexing] your website.

The process is done using a bot to crawl through your site looking for words, phrases, number of pages, photos, videos, links and where they lead, eBooks, PDFs, social media plugins and the number of visitors to your site in any given period.

  • Google weighs original content higher than any other factor and tweaks their algorithm approximately twice a day.
  • Yahoo puts more weight on the number of pages your site contains.
  • Bing puts greater stock in the number of links contained on your pages including advertisement links, definitions and banner links.

Using Google Analytics to Increase Your Business

What good is having a website if you don’t know where your potential clients are coming from, how long they are staying, what pages they show the most interest in and where they are located.

You’d be surprised to learn many businesses have potential customers visiting their site from other nations. Knowing just this small bit of information allows you to determine if it is worth your effort to make international shipping an option.

In that regards, Google Analytics provides businesses with information that can be used to decide what products should be put on sale, where to advertise them, what additional content might interest their visitors and ultimately how to develop a marketing plan that will produce better conversion results.

Adding WordPress to Your Website

WordPress is a content and blogging platform that requires no expertise for maintaining. Once your blog is set up, all you need to do is write in the space provided for posts and hit the “post it” icon. It’s as fun as it sounds!

The added benefit of using WordPress is that it allows plugins for other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

For facts, redirects slow down your site and take time that visitors do not like. Additionally, WordPress can be optimized for mobile devices so your customers can transition back and forth without screen size being a problem.

Social Media Keeps You Connected

Facebook Google+ and Twitter, as well as other social media sites, keep you in touch with your customers, potential clients and their friends. It allows you to build a customer base that you would not otherwise have access to.

Think about it. By having a one-on-one interaction with your customers, you can create a bond that inspires customer loyalty and repeat business.

All Your SEO & Internet Marketing Needs

Whether your websites are small or large, I’m eager to help you compete in the virtual world of business. Increasing your potential for new customers, meeting the preferences of the latest algorithms and helping local clientele find you on their mobile phone or tablet are all part of our job.

That’s why you need an experienced search marketing professional who keeps two fingers on the pulse of the major search engines. Working with search engines is a long-term, high maintenance relationship and I’m dedicated to managing that relationship so you don’t have to, and at an investment you can feel good about.

Hiring a professional for SEO ensures that your site will be properly optimized, saving you valuable time and money. As an SEO Consultant, I offer Search Engine Optimization services to get your website at its full potential, and help you bring in more business.

Contact us today for more information about our Affordable SEO plan.