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Why Is WordPress Maintenance Important?

WordPress Maintenance

The importance of WordPress maintenance plans. Let’s face it running a business is hard work. You’ve got to continually be generating leads, taking care of customers, marketing, etc. etc. Then of course as website owners, there’s your keeping your website healthy that needs to be considered. Should I or shouldn’t I get managed WordPress maintenance? Plus let’s not forget about Google analytics, uptime monitoring, support services, and never-ending tasks to perform regularly.

Just trying to keep your WordPress site up-to-date can often feel like a full-time job. There are just not enough hours to take care of it all, which is exactly why so many sites get neglected, out-of-date, filled with vulnerabilities and loopholes. Sometimes you may even feel like you want to just put it all on maintenance mode until you can sort it out. It’s time to think about hiring a professional team and figure out what the best choices are for you. What are the different WordPress maintenance plans available?

Maintenance Plans

Here are some of the things to consider when it comes to website tasks:

  1. It’s not only the WordPress core that you must think about, but it’s also the themes and making sure whatever one you are using is regularly updated.

  2. There are WordPress version updates, plugins and their updates, speed optimization, backups, malware removal, security, plugin conflicts, site edits, etc. etc. It can often feel like you need a whole support team to manage it all.

WordPress Core Updates

Website maintenance is important to any business, regardless of size. WordPress.org is constantly updating their software with brand-new functions and security enhancements. Keeping WordPress updated is not only a must but is also the very best method to keep your site safe.

Plugin Updates, Sites Edits

However, updates not always work as expected and often things break and, in some cases, your entire site breaks. Infrequently updating a site has also negative effects mainly affecting the site speed load and poor SEO, both considered as very important ranking factors by Google.

Professional WordPress Maintenance Help

For this reason, many business owners and entrepreneurs look for solutions online. Just like you, they recognize the importance of choosing among the many WordPress maintenance plans available the correct one for their business. All too often these types of services are expensive and lock you into long-term contracts.

You no longer need to worry about that. We are here to help. That’s why we’ve created an affordable WordPress maintenance service for small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and bloggers.

ezWPseo Experts

Don’t let your website get neglected and out-of-date. Just think of all the hard work that you have already put into it. It’s time for you to concentrate on running your business and having the peace of mind in knowing that your website is being taken care of by our expert WordPress team.

Top WordPress  Maintenance Plan

Our affordable maintenance plan is aimed at small business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers. We provide the essential maintenance and security measures that every WordPress website requires in order to keep your website healthy, optimized, and fully-secured.

The support and maintenance plan is for smaller sites up-to 15 pages. If you have a larger site please contact us for a custom plan.

WP Maintenance


You can pay either monthly or yearly.




WP core updates

We consistently monitor all WordPress releases and updates and make sure that your site is always running on the latest version.

plugin updates

We keep your plugins up-to-date to maintain the health of your site and to ensure that there are no security breaches or back doors created.

full site backups monthly

We manually take full backups of all of your files, folders, and database on a monthly basis. Three versions are kept on file in case a reversal is needed.

theme updates

Tell us where your theme is from and we will monitor version releases to make sure that your site is always up-to-date.

60 min. technical support

We provide 60 minutes of technical support, which can be used for fixes, update cleanups, or even small changes and edits to your site.

database backups weekly

Your database is the most important part of your website. We manually back it up each week and keep numerous versions on file if a reversal is needed.

Ready to Get Started

You can select either the monthly or yearly option on the check out page.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hosting do I need?

We require that your website is hosted on an Apache server. It needs to be running the latest version of PHP and MySQL for your WordPress site to work properly. You should have cPanel access.

It is important that you are hosted with a reputable and reliable company. Do not choose a Windows based server. If you are not sure what type of server you have or need, please contact us before placing an order.

What login details do I need to provide?

You need to provide admin access to your WordPress website. You can either create a new admin user inside of your control panel or give us the username and password to the existing admin account.

We also need access to the server where your WordPress site is hosted. You can provide the direct logins to your cPanel or create an FTP account and send us those credentials.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send us any login information until you have made your purchase. Once your purchase has gone through you will be given further instructions on how to send us the information.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 30 day, no questions asked, refund policy. This means that if you are not satisfied for any reason with your purchase all you need to do is contact us at support@ezwpseo.com within 30 days.

What if I have more than 15 pages?

You can stack as many plans as you need or request a custom package. In either case please contact us at support@ezwpseo.com and let us help you choose the right option.

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